Music education


The syllabus of “D Stars” is based upon a unique system for shaping complete music performers by gradually developing various skills within the following fields:

  • Vocal mastery;
  • Acting;
  • Music theory and interpretation;
  • Ability to work with professional musicians;
  • Playing an instrument and the ability to match and mix all of the above.

The classes are individual and last 50 minutes each.


The subjects on the syllabus of “D Stars” singers’ school consist of elements such as:

  • Contemporary vocal training and interpretation;
  • Music theory and piano;
  • Microphone technique and live performance;
  • Recording microphone technique;
  • Acting;
  • Ensemble singing;
  • Working with accompanist;
  • Recording;
  • Specialized master classes;
  • Discovering and developing of an appropriate style and music individuality;
  • Preparation for applying for secondary and higher music schools;
  • Music culture, etc.


Thanks to the unique methods applied in the syllabus of “D Stars” singers’ school, the students train a harmonic ear,   master the refinements of the vocal training and the know-hows and mechanisms, characteristic for different music genres. The high goal of this specialized education is to reach ease, beauty, and simplicity in the singing, as well as introduction and mastery of various music genres – from po and rock to disco, soul, jazz and latino. What is definitely encouraged is bulding an individual style and improvisation skills. Our highly qualified teachers and musicians deeply value the inner individuality that is always respected, treasured, highlighted and developed. An inseperable element of the education is creating an own repertoire of each artist.


Age limits

“D Stars” singers’ school does not put any age limits for the artists – no matter if you have just learned how to walk or you are expecting your third grandchild, as long as you want to sing, you can always find a place with us. The education programs are strictly individual and depend on the artist’s needs. It does not matter if you want to study music for fun and relax or you are preparing for a career on the world music stage, our professionals can give you exactly what is appropriate for your wishes and needs.



In order to become a part of the artists of “D Stars”, you need to pass an audition singing us a couplet and chorus from a couple of chosen by you different songs. The audition is compulsory in order for us to be able to estimate your level and find the suitable education for your needs.



Our fees are competitive and flexible depending on the specified by the artist goal, on the type and number of attended subjects, as well as on the attendance frequency. There are discounts for a second family member.



„D Stars“ singers’ school has on its premises:

  • A room for vocal training, equipped with piano, computer, printer, microphones and sound recording equipment (mixing console, amplifier, loudspeakers);
  • A room for piano and solfeggio;
  • A room for acting, equipped with computer, microphone, sound equipment and mirrors;
  • A room for ensemble activities.