About Us


This is who we are, where we come from and what we seek… 


“D Stars” singers’ school was founded in October 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a kind of center for discovering and realization of young talents in the field of music and vocal art and mastery. Vocal coach and founder of “D Stars” singers’ school is Daniela Stankova – Master of Arts in Composition, Music Theory and Pop and Jazz Singing.




“D Stars” has a serious artist’s resume in various areas. So far the young talents from “D Stars” singers’ school have won prestigious awards in national and international competitions and TV formats; they have participated in radio and TV shows and programmes, concerts, parties; they have been actively participating in charity campaigns and events.


The artists of “D Stars” participate in festivals, dub advertisements, create high quality music products, musically entertain in clubs and meanwhile do not stop enjoying their time and friendly atmosphere in the singers’ school or “The studio” as everyone tenderly calls it.